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1. Style

Style is considered as a variation in a person’s speech or writing, the peculiarity, and the set of specific features of text type or of a specific text.Style usually varies from casual to formal according to the type of situation, the person or people addressed, the location, the topic discussed, and so on.

According to Galperin, system of functional styles consists of:

a. The Belles - Lettres Functional Style

It is generic for 3 substyles:

-         poetry

-         emotive prose

-         drama

b. Publicistic Functional Style

-         oratory

-         essays

-         articles in newspapers and magazines

c. The Newspaper Functional Style

-         brief news items

-         press reports

-         articles purely informational in character

-         advertisments and announcements

d. The Scientific Prose Style

-         exact sciences

-         humanitarian sciences

-         popular- science prose

e. The Official Documents Functional Style

-         diplomatic documents

-         business letters

-         military documents

-         legal documents

Each style can be recognized by one or more leading features which are especially conspicuous. For instance, the use of special terminology is a lexical characteristics of the style of scientific prose, and one by which it can easily be recognized.

Graph description which is published along with the news in  newspapers is used for illustrating the data and analyses of business issues so that its writing style has to follow both newspaper style and business style.

2. Newspaper Style

While the general aim of publicistic style is to influence the public opinion, to convince the readers or the listeners that the interpretation given by the writer or the speaker is the only correct one and to cause them to accept the expressed point of view, newspaper style performs the function of informing the readers and providing them with an evaluation of information published in newspapers.

According to Galperin, information in the English newspapers is conveyed through the medium of:

-         brief news items

-         press reports

-         articles purely informational in character

-         advertisements and announcements.

The vocabulary used in newspapers is neutral and common literary. Newspaper style is characterized by an extensive use of:

-         special political and economic terms (election, inflation)

-         non-term political vocabulary (nation, crisis, agreement, member)

-         newspaper cliches (pressing problem, danger of war, pillars of society)

-         abbreviations (NATO, EEC)

-         neologisms.

3. Business English Style

Business English is a branch of English for Special Purposes that focuses on the language skills needed to function in a business setting. It is often used in purchase agreement, sales confirmation, letter of credit, and business reports, and so forth.

Business reports have specific features which are: accuracy, concise and objectivity.

-         Accuracy:

Since the information in a business report is used to analyze and make decisions, inaccurate words or phrases can lead to readers’ misinterpretation. Therefore, precise and simple words are preferred.

-         Concise

-         The business report aims for simplicity, and concise which catch readers’ attention quickly, so its style is functional and simple. Short, simple sentences and passive voice are available in business reports.

-         Objectivity

Objectivity means making an assessment free from individual evaluation of the facts and events of the issue, the personal feelings or prejudice. Therefore,  words with emotional meaning are avoided.

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